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Ancestral/Paleo diet for optimum health: Day workshop

  • Bedford Fields Community Forest Garden Woodhouse Cliff Leeds, LS6 2HF United Kingdom (map)

This course has changed from a two day course to a stand alone workshop. Learn and try out the exciting and revitalizing ancestral/paleo diet with Bedford Fields Community Forest Garden coordinator Joanna Dornan who has followed and researches the diet for a number of years.

What's so interesting about the ancestral/paleo diet?

With the discovery of the importance of microbes in the gut for health, a new paradigm for health and healing is emerging. It is now known that there are 10 x more microbes in the gut than we have human cells in the body!  They weigh as much as a human brain, and are responsible for 75% of our immune system and have profound impact on many of the systems in the body, ranging from mental health to heart disease and everything inbetween.   This workshop will first expose many myths, such as the notion people in indigenous cultures lived shorter lives than we do, when in fact they can live long healthy lives and boast far superior fitness to those on a Standard Western Diet.  

In this workshop we’ll be exposing other myths too, such as the idea that cholesterol is bad for you, and eating a high fat diet always makes you fat.  But this workshop won’t stop there; the goal of this workshop is to send you away with practical ideas on how you can start to adopt this approach.  You will learn how to:

  • Heal intestinal permeability which can be caused by the modern diet and lifestyle leading to a cascade of mental and physical health problems.  
  • Improve your gut flora and digestive health. 
  • learn about food nutrient dense food and what effect this.

This workshop will be a helpful introduction for anyone who wants to improve or maintain optimum health so they can live a life full of vitality, or it will also be helpful for people wanting help with a wide range of health issues from those wanting to loose weight and improve fitness, to those experiencing mental health issues (from anxiety/depression to autism or schizophrenia), as well as a wide range of diseases from arthritis to allergies, M.E. to IBS and many more so prevalent in western society.   And all this from eating real food that tastes fantastic, satisfies the appetite and leaves you feel truly nourished.

Other information

We need a minimum number of people to run the course so please help us out and come! If the course can not run, you will be notified a few days in advance.

Cost is 15-30 pounds depending on income.  This is a spectrum from unemployed/concession to part-time to full-time employment. The fee is payable in cash on the day of the course.

Lunch is provided and will be a typical paleo-diet lunch, which of course add the discussion.

For more information call/text 07922513704 or email

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